• k9data: https://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=1106358
  • Owner: Jay Kay

After meeting Jury, you will understand why Golden Retrievers rank 3rd for AKC Breed Popularity. Not only does Jury meet the AKC temperament standard by exemplifying reliability and trustworthiness, she is also the inspiration for The Golden Court.

Originally, Jury was selected after ample research to find the perfect service dog. Since day one, Jury has demonstrated to be a quick learner, loving, and enthusiastic about her work. Now, after years of working with Jury, we aim to share her greatness with you. For further information or questions about Jury, please submit an inquiry through our contact form. For pedigree history, please visit k9data.

Weight: 80+/- lbs

Eye clearance:        OFA GR-EYE20506/56F-PI (6/20)
Heart clearance:     OFA GR-ACA5644/55F-VPI
Elbow clearance:    OFA GR-EL46882F48-VPI
prcd-PRA status:    Clear
PRA1 status:          Clear
PRA2 status:          Clear
Ichthyosis status:   Affected
DM status:              Clear
NCL status:            Clear